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Mother's Day

This Taylor Swift Parody About What Moms Want Is So True

Mother’s Day is basically here–and with Mother’s Day comes the long-awaited desire for a break. This is precisely why Danielle Murray imagined what she wanted most from her family and made a song about it–to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

In the song titled “Mommy Dreams,” Murray’s wish list includes staying out late without feeling guilty, being able to talk on the phone, and going to the bathroom without a pesky toddler interrupting you. What I love most is the fact that her list is made up of all things every mom wants–and they’re all realistic. She isn’t asking for a million dollars–she just wants a little bit of privacy.

Murray vlogs with her husband Jon, and is a mom to her four daughters, Tyler, 4, Elena, 3, Judea, 2, and Adeline, 4 months. She told TODAY how she made the video, not just as a laugh, but as a reminder to moms that parenting is overwhelming and it’s OK to take a break:

“Laughter helps everything. I think it’s important to take a breath and remember that kids are just learning life. It can be overwhelming parenting young children…putting their needs first and remembering to be patient when they make mistakes or when you can’t make it out of the door on time to save your life. Being able to laugh about those challenges helps to embrace them instead of building resentment or becoming frustrated.”

Watch the video for yourself here:

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