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This Video About Puberty Shows How Becoming a Woman Is Pretty Crappy

Puberty isn’t so bad, right? Yeah, right. It’s kind of the worst time of your life, at least, for women. Sometimes I feel nostalgic for my middle school years–especially when I get the urge to listen to The Cure and watch “My So-Called Life”–until I realize, wait, it actually was pretty terrible. I don’t miss suddenly having to deal with bushy eyebrows, boys making fun of my glasses, and magazines telling me how to get other people to value me. As if being human isn’t enough on its own.

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This is exactly why I love this video The Huffington Post recently posted, because they tell it like it REALLY is–how becoming a woman in today’s society is pretty hard. The tongue-in-cheek humor nails the pervasive cultural expectations set for women since the onset of puberty–from magazines telling girls how to get perfect abs to land a boyfriend–it’s a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Because, like, there’s no way you could be attractive just as you are. Apparently.

If you’re as frustrated as I am about how often popular women’s magazines sugar coat puberty and promote negative body image, raise your hand and watch the video below for a good (but bittersweet) laugh:

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