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This Video About Working Mom’s Performance Review Will Break Your Heart

Balancing parenthood and work is pretty much the hardest thing many people do–especially right after you return from parental leave. Chicco, a company that creates an umbrella stroller, reminded us of this hardship–and made us cry about it–in their new ad.

It’s easy to feel like a failure when you’re doing a balancing act of epic proportions: trying to put 100% into your job and being an awesome parent. Most of the time, you’ll feel like you’re doing one better than the other, and it’ll make you feel guilty and depressed. That’s why Chicco’s video about a new mom’s “performance review” literally hits the nail on the head–in more ways than one.

The video shows new mom Jessica O’Dowd receiving a “performance review” after working a few months post-baby–and it’s not what she thinks it’s going to be. She starts the review telling her employer that she feels “spread thin.” You can probably relate. But it’s OK, you can breathe.

It’s something we all need to remind ourselves. Watch the heartwarming ad below:

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