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This Woman Took Amazing Photos About Bizarre Laws (That Really Exist!)


Unless you keep up with the latest news in photography, you’ve probably never heard of Olivia Locher–but you should. The 26-year-old photographer, whose first photo book is coming out this September called “I Fought the Law” (gotta love the chutzpah with this one), sounds incredible.

The book focuses on laws. The 50 photos in the book, one for each state, interpret some of the laws still in place. What results is surreal, Warholian-esque pop culture infused photos that poke fun at some of the weirdest things still on the books (like, in Connecticut, pickles must bounce to be considered pickles. Weird!)

She told Vogue why she became obsessed with fake laws:

“Some laws that are still in existence are important in some way. Massachusetts says you can’t take up-the-skirt photos. But there are some that are just totally random, like you can’t disguise a bird to look like a parakeet. That’s just weird. I found that it’s really expensive to remove a law, so sometimes the mundane ones just stay in effect. For the laws that are myths, you wonder, Why did someone make that up and why did it go viral?”

Here are some of the images from her Instagram, some appearing in her book (which is so cool and definitely warrants being checked out in the few minutes you’re actually free):

Pincushion (2012)

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The sun is blasting today, stay cool! How to Make Ice-cream (2015) #olivialocherhowto ☀️🍦

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David Lynch is back and stronger than ever! I couldn’t help myself from making this fan photo.

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@mauriziocattelan’s AMERICA shot by me for @vice — read @wilbertlcooper’s piece online now.

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