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This Yogurt Commercial Totally Gets All the Flak Moms Get


Doesn’t it seem like moms get no love sometimes? It seems like all the criticism, shade, and side-eye are just waiting for you–whether you’re breastfeeding in public, bottle-feeding at the office, giving your kid fries, or just picking up your kid from school.

side eye

YoPlait’s #MomNow campaign focuses on the fact that moms should just be accepted for their choices, whether that means not going to work (because as they say, “no ambitions” or working too much “and missing his childhood”), or not breastfeeding.


As one of the mom says in the clip, “life goes on” and that reminder is something we need to tell ourselves each day. The commercial is refreshing and funny and candid. Yes, it’s ultimately… a commercial…for yogurt.

But it hits the right spot.

Check it out below:

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