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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Collection for Kids with Disabilities

Another major fashion brand is joining the movement to become more inclusive. This time, it’s Tommy Hilfiger clothing–according to USA Today, the brand is launching a collection for kids with disabilities with the nonprofit organization Runway of Dreams. The line will be on sale starting Tuesday.

Fashion designer and mom Mindy Scheier founded Runway of Dreams as a way to work with the fashion industry and design chic clothing for people with different abilities. Her inspiration for this endeavor started, not surprisingly, at home. Her 11-year-old son Oliver has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and has often faced difficulties finding clothes that fit.

When he was 8 years old, Oliver came home from school and said he wanted to wear jeans to school, because his friends were wearing them. Like every kid his age (and people in general), he wanted to feel part of the group. Sadly, Scheier just didn’t know what to do, because his mobility issues often make wearing jeans difficult with his leg braces. But that didn’t deter her either. She told The Mighty:

“It was more important to me to have him walk into school with his head held high than to worry about the other things. That was when I realized a change needed to happen. Every kid and adult in the differently-abled community deserves to wear the same clothing that everybody else does.”

So, she took this as a sign to get to work, and began brainstorming designs and brands to pioneer the movement. Eventually, she chose Tommy Hilfiger, because they are family-oriented:

“They’re a brand that caters to the family unit and their clothing goes from children all the way up to adults, but also they have a very big affinity for philanthropic movements. I felt comfortable they were going to understand.”

So, how exactly is the new line of clothes different? Buttons and zippers, for instance, have been replaced with a magnet closure called MagnaReady®, as well as the clothes being adjustable, so people can get in and out of their clothes easily. In this case, the designs allow someone to put on a clothing item through the back, rather than pulling a shirt over your head.

Check out the video below for more information and examples of the clothing in the spring collection:

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