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Tommy Hilfiger Releases Back-to-School Collection for Kids with Disabilities

Just yesterday, Tommy Hilfiger released its second collection for children with disabilities in partnership with the nonprofit Runway of Dreams. The fall collection includes pieces which can serve as pieces for both boys and girls.

All the items were designed to be accessible, featuring adjustments zippers with magnets, adjustable waistbands, and altered seams. The collection also features clothes with openings on the side and in the back. Runway of Dreams founder Mindy Scheier recently told The Mighty:

“I’m excited to say that we definitely expanded the collection with some more basics – jeans, khakis, basic shirts – which are an important need in the demographic. 

The response, thankfully, was overwhelmingly positive,” Scheier said. “Runway of Dreams was the top three products sold on the website including adults. This shows that there is a market out there.”

Besides the actual design, the collection is modeled only by children with disabilities, which Scheier explained:

“By using a variety of disabled models, we are showing the vast range of disabilities and the need for adaptive clothing throughout. We are nothing if not authentic.”

Believe it or not, Tommy Hilfiger is the first major brand Runway of Dreams has partnered with. It’s one of the few major brands to work on creating more inclusive clothes–the brand is also currently working on future adaptive lines for the next several seasons, including clothes for adults.

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