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Mayim Bialik

Top 10 Behind the Scene Moments from Last Night’s Pie Eating Scene

On last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Mayim’s character Amy Farrah Fowler took part in a serious pie-eating contest. Here are her favorite behind the scene moments.

1. It took two takes to film the scene: one take we did the day before for just camera taping purposes. One we did in front of the audience.

2. The pie was vegan and kosher for all.

3. I have never been in a pie-eating contest before.

4. My hair was tied back which has only happened one other time in the Star Trek dress-up episode, since Amy Farrah Fowler always wears her hair the same way.

5. My hand which we’ve been concealing for the episodes since my accident two and a half months ago was tucked behind my back which was quite uncomfortable.

6. The goal of the scene was to have our faces coated with pie, not to actually eat the pie. This means mushing one’s face all over rather than consuming any pie. It was pretty nasty.

7. It’s hard to breathe when you are not swallowing pie. Think about it: you are mashing your face into pie so your nose is stuffed but only when you swallow pie can you breathe. If you don’t swallow pie, both your nose and mouth are clogged with pie.

8. I’m a highly allergic person and blueberry pie in one’s eyes and nasal passages is bad for allergic people. Besides sneezing blueberry for many hours, my eyes were runny and irritated for days. Said Johnny Galecki to me: “Um… didn’t you know to CLOSE YOUR EYES?!”

9. I’ve decided I don’t like pie-eating contests. I don’t think Kaley, Johnny, and Jim like pie-eating contests either.

10. I love my job despite not liking pie-eating contests.

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