Top 10 Ways to Respond to People Who Ask if You're Pregnant (When You're Not) – Kveller
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Top 10 Ways to Respond to People Who Ask if You’re Pregnant (When You’re Not)


The other day in the office we got talking about how awful it is when someone audaciously asks you if you’re pregnant…when you’re not. Seriously, I don’t even ask people when they’re 8 months pregnant, just because… just because! There’s an unspoken rule to keep your “mazels” or probes on pregnancy to yourself until the mama feels like telling you.

Yesterday we posted a question on our FacebookThat awkward moment when somebody asks if you’re pregnant and you are most definitely not… what’s the best way to respond to this?

You all came up with so many hilarious responses, we decided to choose 10 of our favorites. Without further ado…

1. “It’s not appropriate to ask a woman if she is pregnant even if she is crowning.”

2. “Yes… It’s your husband’s!”

3. “Stroke your tummy and say ‘food baby.'”

4. “Fuck off.”


6. “No, just fat.”

7. “Oh, I was just going to ask you the same question?”

8. “Kick to the teeth. There are no other options. Now excuse me while I go write about mindfulness.”

9. “I’m not pregnant, I just like cake!”

10. “Yep, with triplets!”

What’s your go-to response to this god awful question? Let us know in the comments below.

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