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Mayim Bialik

Top 7 Things About the Big Bang Thanksgiving Booty Swatting Episode

To watch the booty swatting scene from “A Drunken Thanksgiving,” click here.

1. In the original draft of the script, there was no booty swatting. I can’t remember exactly what was in its place. It was some other awkward/inappropriate drunk Sheldon comment to Amy, but the swatting was added a few days into rehearsal.

2. This is not the first time that Sheldon has smacked Amy’s bum and I have a feeling it won’t be the last. The first and most memorable time was in the “Amy’s Sick” episode.

3. Jim Parsons, ever the considerate professional, is always concerned about hurting me for these scenes, since we rehearse and film the scene many times, which can make for multiple swattings. Suffice it to say, I am more than willing to “take one for the team” since I think these kind of scenes are only funny if they look very real! Plus, I wear so many layers as Amy that I can barely feel Jim’s hand swatting me.

4. As with the tiara episode, there was no scripted physicality. The physical reaction which leads to me walking away in this Thanksgiving episode was something that organically emerged the first time we rehearsed the scene. Same goes for the facial expression/expressions I make on the walk away from Jim.

5. The look back towards Jim that I do was also not scripted. Director Mark Cendrowski and I weren’t even entirely sure if it was necessary but I felt very strongly that that glance back really sealed the moment nicely. The “head whip” which I do as a look back is what I think was used in the final edit; the take before was a slower glance. I was simply experimenting with different glances and it seems the tango-like head whip won everyone over.

6. Many times we don’t get to do our job for our direct boss on a daily basis. As an actor on a Chuck Lorre show, however, since Chuck is so intimately involved with the everyday workings of our show (as well as the three others shows he has created and produces), I get the opportunity to do my work for my direct boss. Sometimes this is intimidating. Actually, it’s almost always intimidating, but it also provides an extra sense of motivation and desire for perfection that I relish as an actor. This scene in particular really tickled Chuck’s funny bone and it felt really good to be able to make him laugh with my execution of this moment.

7. One time Jim accidentally swatted my lower back, rather than my tush. It left a mark.

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