Trump Admin Cuts $214 Million from Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs – Kveller
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Trump Admin Cuts $214 Million from Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

For an administration that doesn’t believe, or support abortion, it’s a bit ironic to cut $213.6 million in funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs. Don’t you think?

The even more ironic thing is the fact that teen pregnancy is at its lowest rate since 1990–and part of the reason for that is due to an increased use of contraception, according to Pew researchers.

According to Mother Jones, this shift in policy arises from a choice made by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to end five-year grants that were originally awarded by the Obama administration.

There grants were given to programs aimed to help teenagers make safe sex choices. Because, you know, knowledge is better than ignorance–and we need to stop pretending teens don’t have sex. And apparently, teen pregnancy is the number one cause of death for girls ages 15-19, according to Broadly:

“Nearly 30,000 teenage girls die every year due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth. These alarmingly high figures were published by Save the Children, an international NGO promoting children’s rights and providing relief and support for children in developing countries. Their analysis concluded that “teenage pregnancy kills one girl every 20 minutes,” making it the number one killer of girls ages 15 to 19.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has previously stated that  he is against any sex education programs that “promotes promiscuity among young people.” That says it all.

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