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Want to Write for Kveller? This Podcast Can Help

Hands down, my favorite part about being the editor of Kveller is working with our writers. There are those who have been writing for us ever since we were just a wee little newborn website, and new names who come into my inbox every day with a fresh story to share and a voice that needs to be heard. My absolute favorite thing? When a regular reader of Kveller becomes a regular writer of Kveller (and it happens–a lot!).

So it was my pleasure to speak with Susan Maccarelli of the podcast “Beyond Your Blog” to talk about the ins and outs of what it takes to write for Kveller. From common submission mistakes to the kinds of things that make a piece really stand out, I tried to be as honest and helpful as I could for any potential new writers. Our submissions are always open and anyone is welcome to send something our way, so if you’ve been reading the site and craving to see your own face in one of those little circles on our homepage, take a listen to the podcast to find out more about what I’m looking for when reading through submissions for Kveller.

Listen to the “Beyond Your Blog” Podcast here.

Ready to submit? Check out our guidelines here and bring it on!


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