WATCH: ‘Bus Don’t Move’ Parody Is So Hilarious, It Could Save a Kid’s Life – Kveller
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WATCH: ‘Bus Don’t Move’ Parody Is So Hilarious, It Could Save a Kid’s Life

Did you know that more than 100 children are killed by just walking to school every year? That doesn’t include the 25,000 who are injured, according to the Transportation Research Board. What’s the deal? Why can’t kids just board their school bus without the possibility of being run over?

It’s drivers like you and me, rushing to work and speeding through school zones, texting your boss you’ll be late, picking up that phone call from your mom (sorry mom!) and zoning out on that 25 mph road. There’s also a hugely dangerous misconception that it’s OK to pass a school bus when the lights are flashing and the arm is extended. Don’t do that. Just don’t pass a school bus, OK?

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So, in order to create awareness, vlogger and mom Deva Delporto did what she normally does best–create a viral video. In this case, it’s a parody of “Bust a Move.” How can you resist lines like, “It’s big and yellow, you say, ‘Hello, come pick up my kids you fine fellow?” We can’t.

Next time you’re in a rush to work and see a big yellow school bus (kind of like the magic school bus, but sadly it can’t fly to give you lane space), just stop. It’ll be a great time to take a breath and just chill.

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