WATCH: Mom Sees Baby for the First Time After Waking Up from a Coma – Kveller
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WATCH: Mom Sees Baby for the First Time After Waking Up from a Coma

This story needs to be made into a “Lifetime” movie, seriously. When Shelly Cawley went into labor last September with her daughter, Rylan, she suffered a huge complication. She went into a coma after her emergency C-section due to a loose blood clot.

Her husband, Jeremy, found himself in a living nightmare in just a matter of hours. He told Buzzfeed how there was literally no time for processing, stating, “The doctors told me that if Shelly wasn’t able to do something on her own, they didn’t think they’d be able to keep her alive until the morning.”

Serendipitously, a nurse at the hospital, Ashley Manus, tried a last ditch effort to wake up Shelly. She told WCNC-TV, “We knew skin to skin contact is very beneficial to an infant, so we thought, why not try it for a mom. Because the baby [was] already thriving; she was doing great.”

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So, when Rylan was placed on her mom, the unimaginable happened. Shelly’s vitals spiked. A few days later, she woke up, all because of Rylan’s cries.

Below is a video showing Shelly’s reaction to meeting her baby for the first time since she woke up from her coma. It’s an experience beyond words, but one totally worth watching.

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