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Watch This Jewish Lesbian Couple Give You All the Feelings About the Election

As the election draws closer and closer, the tensions continue to rise (as if they weren’t high enough!). This is where North Carolina comes into play–as both Clinton and Trump are trying to swing the state to their respective campaigns.

This is precisely why the Human Rights Campaign is using this video of an elderly lesbian couple, Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin, in hopes their sweet love story will tip the scales in favor of Clinton.

In a video ad, Gerber explained why this campaign means so much to her and Berlin:

“We are in love, and we tell each other that every day. We have a lot to worry about in this election.

The prejudice that still exists is very sad to me. Every single vote counts… You have to make the effort to go to the polls and vote.”

Berlin added:

“Who am I voting for? Why would you even ask? It’s well past time for America to have a woman president. If Hillary’s sitting in the White House, I shall be very happy.”

The couple has long been advocates for LGBTQ rights. Having been together for a half century, the couple has lived together since the early ’70s. They worked as plaintiffs to a federal lawsuit that overturned North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban before the Supreme Court granted marriage equality nationally.

Regardless of who you are voting for, the fact that Berlin and Gerber have stood up for their beliefs–and their love–is incredibly inspiring. It also shows us that we should always fight for love and safety, because what else is there in the world worth fighting for?

Watch the video of the couple below–it’ll give you all the feelings ever:

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