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We Get it, Jared Kushner, You Love Ivanka Trump

Apparently, Jared Kushner is a big fan of his wife, Ivanka Trump–as if this is the shock of the century. So big, however, that he wrote an entire op-ed titled “Why Ivanka Trump Is the Perfect Champion for Women’s Issues” for Variety’s New Power New York list.

Um, OK. I didn’t realize spouses were valid references. Because, you know, if your spouse can’t vouch for you, maybe that’s a problem.

The sad thing is, he doesn’t even do that great of a job, in all of his 328 words. For instance, he wrote:

“A few years ago, at a large family function, Ivanka was carrying a plate of snacks in one hand and our daughter, Arabella, with the other, when she was approached by a guest holding a Sharpie. The woman took off her heels, handed Ivanka the marker and asked her to sign them — they were Ivanka Trump shoes. The timing was less than ideal, but Ivanka knows that the women who buy her clothes are often like her, busy moms trying to (sometimes literally) balance their work and family lives. Ivanka signed the shoes with a smile and then resumed being supermom to our very busy toddler.”

No offense to Ivanka, but that doesn’t sound like a CRAZY amazing thing to do. But in case that’s not enough, here’s more:

“Ivanka is an amazing wife and devoted mother of our three young children. She runs her own lifestyle company and IvankaTrump.com, is finishing her second book, and is an executive in her family’s real estate business.

In the last week, Ivanka opened a $200-million hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, unveiled a legislative policy to benefit working families and managed to do the first day of school drop-offs and pick-ups for our children — all before Wednesday.”

This doesn’t mention the fact that she’s born incredibly wealthy and has the privilege to actually do all of these things more easily than say, a single mom in Indiana who works two part-time jobs. We get it, you think Ivanka is the bee’s knees–but that doesn’t mean she’s the most qualified person to champion women’s issues. It just means she’s been lucky enough to be able to “do it all.”

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