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We Love How the ‘Mommitment’ Campaign Aims to End Mom-Shaming

You’ve probably heard of “mom-shaming,” because it’s happened to you. Women, in general, tend to be the culprits of much criticism and unwanted advice (see: mansplaining), but for whatever reason, everyone seems to be an expert on parenting and is more than happy pointing out all the things you’re doing wrong.

Well, you don’t have to take it anymore. Really, we encourage you not to. There is no perfect mom or perfect solution, so there’s no reason to guilt yourself over a mistake. Things happen, we learn from them. Thankfully, Huffpost blogger and mother Julie Maida is working on putting a stop to mom-shaming with her “Mommitment” campaign, which promotes compassion and provides a “safe, judgment-free space to be an imperfect mom.” Hard not to get behind that.

mom shaming

You, too, can be a part of the #mommitment movement by signing her Change.org petition, sharing kindness through messages on social media, and most importantly, not shaming moms in public (or private).

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We absolutely love the message Maida is promoting, because it encourages women to make connections with each other, support each other through kindness and compassion, and promote empathy in general. Instead of mom-shaming, if we all remember to provide a helping hand and a generous ear can make a world of difference.

Maida also put together this empowering video, which includes pictures of moms and their kids holding inspirational signs. We just can’t get enough of it:


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