Weekly News Roundup: Moms are Matchmakers, Tigers, and Drug Mules? – Kveller
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Weekly News Roundup: Moms are Matchmakers, Tigers, and Drug Mules?

All the Jewish parenting news you probably missed this week.

– Something that is either completely brilliant or totally nightmarish has happened to the online dating world: JMom.com. Now meddling mothers can quit asking when their son or daughter will meet a nice Jewish mate and take matters into their own hand.  (Don’t you dare get any ideas, Mom.)

– At first, receiving a vacuum cleaner as a gift from your children might seem somewhat degrading, but once you learn that it is filled with over four pounds of meth and cocaine, you may have other worries beyond shattering those housewifely stereotypes. (Huffington Post)

– We apologize in advance for continuing to talk about this, but the Tiger Mom’s daughter has responded in The Post to her mother’s now infamous article, assuring the world that she loves her Mom despite the name-calling and piano practice she’s endured. To be honest, we’re getting sick of the tigers, bears, and Ayelets. Why do the crazy moms get all the attention? (New York Post)

– Students in a high school in Vestal, NY are facing disciplinary action for participating in a school-wide event called “Kick a Jew Day“. The students got the idea from South Park (big surprise) and spread the word through Facebook (bigger surprise), though a chairman at the local Jewish Federation seems to be okay with the fact that the day resulted in nothing but “casual kicks”. (F0x)

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