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Weekly Roundup: Jewish Theater Really Blossoms

All the Jewish parenting new you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– If you’re in New York, you can check out the new play “The People in the Picture,” described by the Times as “a sincere and queasy new musical about mother love, Yiddish theater and the Holocaust,” which just opened at Studio 54, amazingly photographed above. (NYT)

– To stick with a theme, “Anne le Musical” premiered in Paris this week, which is a musical adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. People were worried that there might be some issues of taste (it includes a variety of music, including rap), but the first wave of critics have stated it’s a very touching tribute to the classic Holocaust tale. (Forward)

Studies have shown that labor intervention procedures, i.e. C-sections, have no effect on the immediate health of the baby post-birth. This has led doctors to believe that while we can’t completely eliminate interventions, we could probably get by with a lot fewer of them. (NYT)

– Our girl Mayim Bialik got a feature in the Jewish Week about her project, Jew in the City, and her overall awesomeness. We may even forgive them for their pun: “Bialik has “blossomed” on the Jewish circuit.” Oy. (Jewish Week)

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