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Weekly Roundup: Older Moms & Dancing Pregnant Ladies

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read last week.

– New York magazine returns to one of its favorite topics, fertility trends among the city’s professional class, with its cover story on the rise of the over-50 mother. (New York)

– The average American woman has 2.1 children. But that number belies a “fertility class divide,” in which the rate of unplanned pregnancies among poorer women is rising, as is the rate of childlessness among their wealthier counterparts. (Slate)

– Raising children according to one’s ideals — not to mention American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines — is no easy feat, and Forward columnist Sarah Wildman explains why it’s okay to bend the rules on occasion. (Forward)

– It’s become increasingly popular, especially among academic-minded parents, to delay kindergarten enrollment — with the expectation that this will give children an advantage over their younger classmates. But in this Times op-ed, Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt, authors of the new book “Welcome to Your Child’s Brain: How the Mind Grows From Conception to College,” argue that this practice, known as redshirting, is likely to backfire. And be sure to listen to this recent “Fresh Air” interview with Wang and Aamodt. (The New York Times)

– Finally, here’s some inspiration for the 5772: Watch modern dancer Rachel Feinerman perform this graceful routine — at 36 weeks pregnant. And to think I struggled with the subway stairs with my baby bump! (YouTube)

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