What ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton Thought When The Unthinkable Happened (Episode 35) – Kveller
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What ABC News’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton Thought When The Unthinkable Happened (Episode 35)


Women often talk about the ideal of having it all, but one could argue convincingly that Dr. Jennifer Ashton was someone who actually did.

Ashton is, quite simply, a powerhouse. She’s the chief medical correspondent for ABC News, and if that doesn’t sound like enough work for you, she’s also a practicing physician and nutritionist, a board certified OB/GYN, a specialist in obesity medicine, and a mom of two. Her days typically start at 5 a.m. and keep going for some 15 hours — and somehow she does it all with style and grace.

The floor, however, was ripped out from under her on February 11, 2017, when the man to whom she had been married for more than 20 years, Dr. Robert Ashton, committed suicide. Suddenly, she was a public person with deep, private pain.

Jordana talks to Dr. Ashton about the doctor’s story and her book, Life After Suicide: Finding Courage, Comfort & Community After Unthinkable Loss. The two discuss blame, grief, mourning and how to go on with life when someone you’ve loved chooses not to go on.

It’s a deeply moving story that you don’t want to miss. Tune in today!

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