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Call Your Mother

Living on the Edge (Episode 37)


Maybe you feel tense this time of year, with all of the various end-of-year expectations at school, work, and home. But imagine how much more tense you’d feel if rockets were raining down on you and your family, and sirens regularly went off to indicate that you have 15 seconds to get to a shelter.

At regular intervals, that’s daily life in the Israel’s Eshkol region, which lies within Israel’s Negev desert and borders Gaza and Egypt. Located within the 1948 borders of Israel, Eshkol is regularly pummeled by rockets and other incursions — and yet, the people there continue to live their lives as normally as they can.

This week’s episode of Call Your Mother provides a front-row view of that life, and it’s a show that was recorded in front of a live audience. At an event for the Jewish National Fund, Jordana and Shannon speak with Michal Uziyahu, a mother of three and a community center leader from the Eshkol region. Michal models a kind of resilience that most of us can hardly fathom: She deals with intense stress at regular intervals, yet maintains her priorities and her positive outlook on life.

The live show took place at Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston, NJ, on the very same bima where Jordana became a bat mitzvah a mere 33 years ago. Gram, of course, is in the audience, and the women discuss whether parents should vet their children’s bar and bat mitzvah speeches.

Listen today!

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