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Mother's Day

What Kveller Moms *Really* Want For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up — and, yes, mamas, we know, we know.

We know that all you really want for your Special Day is some QT with your loved ones. Maybe a chance to sleep in a little, a homemade card from the kids, and perhaps your partner will both cook and clean up dinner. You’re low-key like that, right?

But we also know that you’re pretty selfless pretty much every day of the year. So why not take one. single. day. and treat yourself — or, at least, make sure that your family steps it up and gives you something you actually want and, more to the point, will use.

Here at Kveller and our parent organization, 70 Faces Media, we’re fortunate to a bevy of smart, savvy moms as colleagues. So we took an informal poll and asked: What’s one thing you’d really love for Mother’s Day?

The answers run the gamut from the indulgent to practical, from wallet-friendly to, uh, not exactly. Whether you’re in need of some Mother’s Day gift inspo, or you want to “accidentally” email this list to your kids or partner, read on for our lists of wants.

I work in an open office, and it gets pretty loud sometimes. I’m also a mom of two boys, and it’s loud at my apartment pretty much all the time. That’s precisely why I’ve been fantasizing about these noise-canceling headphones, which will enable me to write and edit in peace — plus enjoy high-quality audio while listening to my Spotify playlists (I’m obsessed!) wherever I go.  — LisaI recently switched to matcha tea as my daily caffeine boost of choice. Being a working mom, however, I have taken to hurriedly throwing the matcha and milk into a portable thermos to be enjoyed later at the office. The ideal way to drink matcha is as a “quiet celebration” using a traditional whisk and bowl and drinking it right away. If gifted with this set I may be encouraged to carve out a few quiet moments to myself in the morning to enjoy this ancient ritual. — Marnie

While there is much debate over household appliances as a Mother’s Day gift, I think it is totally fine if you are the one requesting it. We try to eat dinner together as a family every night, and as a working mom, getting food on the table every night at a reasonable time can be a real challenge. I’ve been wanting an Instant Pot for a while now, but couldn’t justify the expense. Getting one for Mother’s Day would give me a new kitchen toy to play with and I can test out the alluring promise of getting dinner on the table in less than an hour, start-to-finish. — Jen

My bones feel old and creaky well before my time. Why? Because I’m always carrying SO. MUCH. STUFF. I’m long past the diaper bag phase, but every weekend I’m loaded down with baseball gloves, batting helmets, balls, shin guards… not to mention endless snacks, and occasionally, small children. As an urban mom without a car, I’ve realized I need a better way to schlep. So for Mother’s Day, I’m gunning for a stylish backpack — like this cute number from Herschel — to double as a cute way to carry my kids’ stuff on the weekends, and a way to keep my mommy back and mommy shoulders ache-free during the work week. — Becky

I was a corporate litigator before I moved to 70 Faces Media, and sometimes I feel like the resident “suit.” The exception is when I talk about my kids — and everyone knows I turn into a mushball made up of rainbows with cotton candy cores spun from unicorn tears. It means I’ll sometimes unwittingly start flipping through pics of my kids while sitting at my desk. That’s not exactly productive — and so I love the idea of wearing their initials around my neck.  My absent-minded mommy-braining can be even more covert, and instead of peeking at old Facebook posts, I can instead think of them every time I fidget with my jewelry.  — Shuli

A brilliant woman once told me that, every year, her husband gets her a handyman for Mother’s Day. There’s little that could make me happier than having somebody show up at my home on Sunday with a toolbox ready and willing to finally hang that mirror in the living room, fix the pesky dryer door, and replace the window screens. — Debbie

Being in the third trimester of my pregnancy, all I care about right now is being comfortable. With all my little aches and pains, it really is a challenge. A nice little “home spa” day sounds like just what I need (because honestly, I don’t want to walk anywhere on these swollen feet). I just want dim lights, the refreshing smell of essential oils, a face mask and a nice foot soak, and then to take a nice long nap —which, let’s face it, won’t happen much once my baby comes. — Lior

This is my first Mother’s Day as a mom, so I thought it would be easy to come up with a long list of wants. After all, I come from a tribe of excessive gift-givers — holidays, birthdays, and even half-birthdays are occasions for multiple cards and presents. But every time I looked for something I’d like for myself, I kept coming back to the baby stuff. Then, I went to buy cards to give to the incredible women in my life, and one card really caught my eye: a rainbow sprinkled donut card. (I adore cards and anthropomorphic desserts!) I liked it so much that I bought it and stuck it in my husband’s dresser; I’m really looking forward to getting it on Sunday with my daughter’s footprint inside.  — Dani



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