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What the Kveller Editors Are Buying For Passover

Here's what's in our carts — and on our seder tables.

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Passover isn’t technically a gift giving holiday, but there are a few things you might need beyond a 3-pack of matzah. Here’s what Kveller editors have found useful for Passover or have in our carts — whether we’re hosting a seder for the first time, adding some extra touches to make the holiday fun for our kids or bringing a gift to our seder host.

The Kveller Editors’ Passover Picks:

I’m really feeling this ceramic Star of David bowl which can be used not only on Passover but any Jewish holiday or Shabbat. Just imagine it filled to the brim with hard-boiled eggs. —Molly

Last year we hosted a seder for the first (and probably last, if I’m being honest) time. I used it as an opportunity to get these ramekins for salt water. —Daci

I’m kind of obsessed with this floral cloth Passover centerpiece that you can use in lieu of a seder plate? Especially if you have little kids who love breaking and destroying precious heirlooms. I just use regular glass bowls on top. —Lior

I love the design store Asufa in the Jaffa flea market. Every year they put out a new version of their Haggadah, which I think of as more of a seasonal coffee table book because I cannot read it (but it’s beautiful). —Daci

How gorgeous is this tablecloth that looks like the splitting of the Red Sea? It will look even more aesthetically pleasing with matzah crumbs scattered all over it. —Molly

For research on this list, I searched “Passover” at Anthropologie, even knowing what I would get: everything Anthropologie carries that’s blue. That being said, I don’t not need blue spiral taper candles for my Passover table. —Daci

I kind of want us all to wear this frog kippah for the seder. —Lior

I don’t know if I’m at the point in my life where I’m ready to spend over $200 on a seder plate, especially one so fragile, but when I grow up I’d really like to have this beauty from Aiala Ceramic Design on Etsy. —Molly

If you, like me, have a book-loving 9-year-old who often has an arm full of scrunchies, you need to know about this contemporary middle grade Passover-themed book and this matzah scrunchie. —Daci

I was gifted this jelly fruit afikoman pouch and I’m so excited to have it add a pop of color to my seder! You can get it, and any other Midrash Manicures item, for 20% using code Kveller20 (also, if you love jelly fruit, these jelly fruit socks can add a pop of color to your Passover outfit?) —Lior

The idea of a little gang of toddlers toddling around the seder wearing this shirt? Chef’s kiss. —Daci

I asked my son, who is 5 and currently on spring break, to choose an item for this list and he chose this matzah plush pillow. His commentary is “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” He also really likes this marzipan frog tic tac toe. —Lior

We can all agree that matzah brei is the reason for the season, so it goes without saying that I am deeply obsessed with this matzah brei beanie that I would absolutely recommend wearing year-round (just like I’d recommend eating it year-round). —Molly

When Jenny Slate was a little girl her mom put bells on her shoes so she could figure out where she was and all I want this Passover is to adorn myself with these Catbird and Jenny Slate shell bell charms. Maybe they will help Elijah find our house? —Lior

When I saw that Manishewitz had rebranded, I explored their entire website to see everything they had come up with, which led me to this flavor of macaroon that I had never seen before. As an avid lover of all things pistachio flavored, I am definitely going to need to try these this year. —Daci

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