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Whooping Cough Soars in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Community

Apparently, there’s been a total of 109 cases of whooping cough in the Orthodox Jewish communities in New York City, according to the New York Post. Specifically, the areas of Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and Borough Park in Brooklyn were hit the hardest.

It appears that the majority of cases were toddlers and infants, who either hadn’t been vaccinated or hadn’t received all of the necessary shots, according to the article:

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A total of 109 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, were reported over the past year in the three neighborhoods, with an increase in cases over the past four months, the Health Department said.

Five infants were hospitalized and one came down with pneumonia.

Only 3 percent of the 37 mothers of infants with whooping cough received the recommended tetanus-diptheria-acellularr pertussis vaccination during pregnancy, the alert said.

This is definitely scary, and we hope everyone takes the proper medical steps and/or precautions.

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