Why 'Bad Moms' Looks Pretty Lame (Sorry Mila Kunis, We Still Love You) – Kveller
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Why ‘Bad Moms’ Looks Pretty Lame (Sorry Mila Kunis, We Still Love You)

A movie with the title “Bad Moms” sounds pretty hilarious, doesn’t it? A comedy about moms frazzled between their kid’s musical theater practice and missing work meetings, especially if Jewish actress Mila Kunis is in the mix? Bring it!

But the trailer, which just came out yesterday, failed to deliver. The first thing I noticed is the fact that Mila Kunis, who is only 32, plays a mom who apparently has middle school-aged children. Why is it so unreasonable for Hollywood directors to use actresses who are actually the age they portray? Of course, Kunis’ character could have been a teen mom, but somehow, I doubt that’s what they’re doing here.

The second thing is the fact that–and I’m not sorry to bring this up–it’s a movie about all the ridiculous rules and criticisms moms now face–written by men. It was co-written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who became famous for writing “The Hangover,” which is a movie funny in its own right, but definitely causes me to question the humor in “Bad Moms.”

The film centers around moms who have had enough, which I’m all about, but is it just going to be a film written about what we think motherhood is, but actually isn’t? As a woman, I’m tired of women’s experiences being dictated by what male writers and directors think they are. They couldn’t have found one female writer for the script?

Perhaps I’m being too harsh here–I’m sure it will have its hilarious moments and will be entertaining enough to enjoy.

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

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