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Why Everyone Is Talking About Wonder Woman’s Armpits

Apparently, Gal Gadot’s armpits are trending right now. I’m serious. The Israeli actress and model is on everyone’s brains right now since the new “Wonder Woman” trailer was released. Instead of talking about the film or Gadot’s acting, however, the focus is on her pits.

So, what’s the issue? Fans are pissed because Gadot is hairless–and they feel as though she shouldn’t be (considering her character originates from an island only made up of women). You can’t entirely argue with this rhetoric–or admit that idea that women always have to be hairless is absurd. Some of her fans believe her armpits were digitally altered, because they were overly pale.

Personally, of course, I think Gadot should do what she wants–and if she wants to be hairless, then she should be. The concern arises if her directors (and other people involved in the film) purposefully altered her appearance, because screw that. Women’s bodies shouldn’t be digitally altered in order to look inhuman because people are afraid of women’s bodies.

Here’s what others said:

Watch the trailer below to judge for yourself:

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