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Why I’m Honestly Happy About the New Starbucks Holiday Cup

Over the weekend, a Starbucks employee leaked a photo of this year’s Starbucks holiday cup (as if it’s all that important), and of course, it went viral on Imgur. Because somehow, people love cups, especially when there’s some funky little generic holiday design on it. And especially when it gives them something to be angry about.

Today, Starbucks officially announced their new holiday cups–confirming the unthinkable: They’re friggin’ green. Like “The Grinch” green–and that really pissed some people off. Because green, apparently, isn’t festive (except, like, it totally is…and who cares). I guess that infamous “red cup” is beloved to the point that green just isn’t the same–and “exclusive” to certain religious groups. Except not.

Here’s Starbucks’ official tweet:

Personally, however, I love the design. What’s not to love? It’s an awesome color–and when it’s about inclusivity, I’m always in. Of course, green is still a Christmas color, but the fact that the cup doesn’t have any other holiday flourishes–with the design featuring people–is significant. It’s about time the holiday season wasn’t just strictly geared to people who celebrate Christmas (which I do), but for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Because, you know, people celebrate Hanukkah (which I also do), and Kwanzaa. Or nothing at all.

Maybe it looks like a simple design to you, but the new color and illustration of diverse faces shows that we truly are all connected, even if we have different beliefs. Isn’t that connection–love–worth celebrating? Even cooler if it’s on my coffee cup that I’m probably buying on my way to work, because we all need a little pick-me-up in the a.m. 

Naturally, the Starbucks chariman and CEO, Howard Schultz, is all about this. He stated that the new design is a reminder of our “shared values, and the need to be good to each other.” Um, duh.

This doesn’t stop people from being personally offended that their holiday cheer is being taken away from them–this being my personal fave:

I’m just going to leave that one there.

Edit: Starbucks releasing their usual holiday cup later this month.

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