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Why Is This Paddington Poster Different Than All Others?


Paddington Bear is back — this time in Israel. Paddington 2, which was released earlier this year in the U.S., is hitting Israeli theaters this weekend, just in time for Passover. You know what that means? The talking bear is eating his beloved marmalade — on matzah.

Israeli posters for the film show Paddington eating his famous marmalade sandwich between two pieces of matzah. Elsewhere, like in the U.S., he’s shown eating his sandwich between two pieces of white bread (typical).

According to a spokeswoman for the Israeli distributor, the poster is meant to pay homage to Passover and celebrate the holiday of freedom (and unleavened bread).

There’s also good news for those of us not in the Holy Land: The movie was released on Amazon Video on March 5 and will be released on Digital HD on March 27. I personally can’t wait to watch it — considering I definitely teared up while watching the first one (I know, I know… but I grew up reading the books, what can I say).

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