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Why This Woman Intentionally Crashed into Another Car with a Mom and Baby

Car accidents are extremely scary–especially when it involves a child. When Nakia Moore was driving with her daughter on US 441 north of Miami to pick up her husband, it didn’t go as expected. Moore began having a stroke, and subsequently, lost control of the car. This is everyone’s worst nightmare, literally.

Luckily for Nakia and her young daughter, Brigitte Gonzalez was driving next to her as the incident happened. She thought fast–and luckily, her quick reaction saved the lives of two people. She explained to WSVN what happened:

“Everybody was honking, honking, honking. I looked to my left, and I saw the lady, and she was having a stroke, a seizure. She was foaming out of the mouth. She was just shaking. Then I saw her daughter, and that’s when I guess it hit me in my heart that I was like, have to stop her.”

So what did Brigitte do? She purposefully drove her car into Nakia’s lane in order to cut her car off, stating:

“I just decided to slow down and kind of slightly hit her. It wasn’t like a hard impact. I slightly hit the tip of the front of her car.”

Luckily, this worked exactly as Brigitte intended. Broward Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Kypps Pollard confirmed this fact, stating:

“She just positioned her car, you know, with the speeds that the car was going, to minimize that amount of damage and the impact. Thank God that there are good people out there that do things just for the right reason.”

It’s truly heartwarming to see someone go out of their way–and put their own life on the line–to save someone else. Brigitte clearly has the right priorities.

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