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Wife Leaves Directions to Care for Baby, Husband Makes Amusing Edits

It’s hard not to feel a bit nervous when you’re going out of town and leaving someone else in charge of taking care of the house. It’s not that you don’t trust other people, but you have a routine, and you like to stick to it. However, there does come a point when you might just need to let go… a little.

This is what happened when one wife left her husband in charge of their 3-month-old. It turns out that the husband is a Reddit user, and posted the directions on Imgur with some choice edits and commentary. Either his wife has a good sense of humor–or she’s fuming right now.

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First he started with some grammatical edits:


Then he moves onto the family pet, and how he’d rather have his kid play Nintendo than talk to Mom.


It gets even better when he includes the questions he believes his wife left unanswered:


When other commenters began to say his wife was too controlling, he stood up for her (as he should) and explained that he actually asked for the list. He also left a comment to his wife, saying:

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“Hi wife! Don’t listen to the mean people on the Internet. They lurk and you know what they say, “opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one”. Enjoy your trip and see you Thursday.”

Here’s the entire page of directions:


Personally, I’ve always felt that it’s good to be able to make fun of yourself. And really, he’s poking as much fun at himself as he is at his wife. Hopefully her absence will allow him to realize (even more) how incredibly hard she works as a mom.

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