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There Are Not Enough Babies in Denmark, So They Made This Titillating Ad

There are just not enough babies in Denmark, and that’s a huge problem. Seriously. According to Tech Insider, the low birth rate (just 1.7 children per family) isn’t enough to maintain the future population. There’s only 5.6 million people in Denmark to begin with, so the future isn’t looking too bright.

So, Spies Rejser, a Danish travel company, stepped up to the plate. In an effort to get people pregnant, they created this strangely provocative ad literally asking Danish couples to “do it for mom.”

In 2014, they even offered a free “child-friendly holiday,” and three years of baby supplies to anyone who could prove they conceived while on a vacation booked through the company. Not a bad deal, although kind of a funny thing to prove.

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So why is the problem so bad that a travel company has to make a persuasive video?

It’s probably a combination of women waiting longer to have children, infertility issues, opting not to have kids at all, and the lack of Danish women in their childbearing years.

The best part is the closing statement, which kind of reads like a SNL parody: “Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom. Delivery within nine months not guaranteed.”

Take a moment to watch the ad below–it’ll be the best few minutes of your day:

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