Woman Breastfed Her 2-Year-Old While Driving—Gets Pulled Over – Kveller
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Woman Breastfed Her 2-Year-Old While Driving—Gets Pulled Over

Ladies,don’t breastfeed your babies when you’re behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Because you’ll get a ticket. This apparently happened to one unidentified woman in Everett, Washington when a concerned citizen dialed 911 after noticing her driving along a highway with her unrestrained baby on her lap. According to KIRO TV, state troopers were shocked to find her breastfeeding her 2-year-old in the front seat. While driving alone.

While we’re totally, 200% supportive of women breastfeeding in public spaces, it does seem wildly unsafe to have your baby unrestrained on your lap while cruising a major highway. What if a driver ahead of her stopped short, or if an SUV suddenly cut her off? The baby could have been harmed by the airbag or thrown through the windshield. It seems a huge risk to take, especially considering the mother could have simply pulled over.

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Ironically, the woman was not given a ticket for breastfeeding, but for improper child restraint, which we can’t exactly argue with. Apparently, she has done this before, telling the police her child would not quiet down until being fed. Somehow, pulling over never crossed her mind.

But, really, we’re dying to know: What are some of the strangest places you’ve breastfed your baby?

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