Yes, 'Brelfies' Are the New Selfie Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know About – Kveller
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Yes, ‘Brelfies’ Are the New Selfie Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know About

The United Nations has officially endorsed breastfeeding selfies, as a way to normalize breastfeeding and stop the stigma that public breastfeeding is “inappropriate.” Below is the video Mic posted on their Facebook recently, as it is World Breastfeeding Week:

Here are some of my favorite brelfies from Instagram:

POSITIVE BREAKING NEWS: The @UnitedNations just endorsed #brelfies to help normalize breastfeeding. “Everything that can be done, should be done!” Christophe Boulierac @UNICEF • When my babies were small, I’ve been shamed for breastfeeding in public quite a lot (not just by strangers…), and it felt awful for obvious reasons. But I kept at it despite it not being widely normalized and not yet having the support of the beautiful sisterhood I have now. I’m not telling you to like it, but do yourself a favor, instead of shaming/bullying a mother for doing a natural thing, just look away, or put a towel over your own head, or take your plate and go eat in the bathroom stall (all things I was told to do btw). Or… Another option: Open you mind and get with the program, so we can all get along ❤️ • Normalizing Breastfeeding one boob at a time. • #TRIBEdeMama #breastfeeding #normalizingbreastfeeding #oneboobatatime #motherhood #shaming #stopbullying #love #family #singlemom #feedingwithlove

A photo posted by Kadia Saraf (@kadiasaraf) on

Happy #worldbreastfeedingweek #pekanasisedunia to all busui! Never know that breastfeeding can bring so much joy! 👶🏻❤️ #brelfies

A photo posted by Shenandoah Annisaputri (@shendannisaputri) on

Because I can brelfie all I want. #brelfies #breastfeedingweek #breastfeedingawareness

A photo posted by Apol (@wanderfultwo) on

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