Yes, There's a 'Moana' Passover Parody & You Need to Hear It – Kveller
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Yes, There’s a ‘Moana’ Passover Parody & You Need to Hear It

It seems like no song is free of being parodied for Passover (or Jewish holidays in general). “How Far I’ll Go,” a song from the Disney animated film “Moana,” which was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius creator of “Hamilton.”

The parody is aptly titled “Why Seders Are Slow” (because, seriously, whyyyy), and says what everyone is actually thinking, but probably too afraid to say. Here are some of the funny lyrics:

“I’ve been staring at this ragged Haggadah
For what feels like forever
Just trying to get by
I wish I could understand this Hebrew
Or what they mean by dayenu
Or ‘Baruch’ or ‘Adonai’

Every Kiddish made
Every Karpas ate
I must masquerade
That I can translate
That the words I know 
How the melodies go
And I’m so hungry….

See the Jews and they’re longing to be free
In Mitzrayim 
Their cries of need
Their hands they bleed 
The Maror on my plate is the key
It reminds me
400 years
With a strong arm, God ended all these bitter tears 

I know what they mean by Afikomen
Gonna find the Afikomen 
Dessert is going to be mine
Here is where they hid the Afikomen
See it says Afikomen 
On this fancy napkin design”

Listen to the song below:

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