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Yes, This Pregnant Dog Had a Maternity Photoshoot And It’s Amazing

pregnant dog

Anna Paula Grillo

Everyone loves a good maternity photoshoot–especially when it’s of someone you care about deeply, like your best friend from college (although, let’s be real, we also love lurking at the photos from that girl in your Jewish summer camp when you were 12). But who says they’re just for humans? Why can’t they be for pregnant pets? Well, one Brazilian photographer, Anna Paula Grillo, changed the narrative and took photos of a dog named Lilica.

Lilica’s owner asked Grillo to do a maternity photo shoot when Lilica was pregnant with five puppies at the time–clearly, her owner really loves her. Apparently, the adorable dog had brief romance with a neighbor’s dog, and the rest was history. How can you not adore this?

Look at some of our favorite photos from the shoot below. They’re kind of perfect:

 Anna Paula Grillo

Anna Paula Grillo

 Anna Paula Grillo

Anna Paula Grillo

Check out the rest here.

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