Yes, You Can Be a Feminist, a Zionist—and Against the Occupation – Kveller
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Yes, You Can Be a Feminist, a Zionist—and Against the Occupation

There’s been a lot of back and forth in the media recently about whether you can be a feminist, a zionist, and a critic of the Occupation at the same time.

Let me introduce myself:

Hi. I’m a feminist and I’m a Zionist. I am devoted to Israel, and I am against the Occupation.

And I know the Occupation isn’t just about the land: I see the Occupation in the way people are treated all over–even our own Palestinian citizens of Israel who may have the same rights on paper, but not in practice—separate and not really equal even within the Green Line borders.

And on the other side of the Green Line, I’ve seen the checkpoints and the random arrests and the home demolitions, and all the insidious limitations—the unfairness of it all, and yes, the brutality, too. And it’s terrible and I—and others like me—are rallying against that.

I support freedom and dignity for men and women and children regardless of what language they speak or how they pray.

I want to be free. I want my Palestinian sisters to be free. And yes, I am willing to give up a whole lot of privilege if that’ll level the playing field for all of us so we can be free together.

I’m not unique. There are many like me, both in Israel, and abroad, who feel this way.

We may call ourselves Zionists, but many of us also fight for the rights of the Palestinians to be free, too.

Because the world can hold many truths in one, including these.

We have an opportunity here and now to show the world that it can be different—that “Zionists” and supporters of a free Palestine can work together for justice and peace for all and get something done for a change.

I hope we can work together for a better world for all of us.

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