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You Absolutely Need This ‘Darth Seder’ Shirt for Passover

Passover is almost here! It starts Monday evening, April 10, and ends Tuesday evening, April 18. If you’re attending or planning a seder, you’re probably excited to see your family and friends who are schlepping to your house (or someone else’s)–and you know, get your kids involved in the traditions.

Part of that tradition should be to wear a funny Passover shirt. Well, now you can, since I literally found the best Passover shirt ever: Darth Seder. If you’re a “Star Wars” nerd, you probably don’t know how to contain your excitement (trust me, I get it). But don’t worry, we also rounded up a few more items (like onesies for your little bundle of joy!).

Check them out below:

1. Darth seder t-shirt, $22 on Etsy

darth seder

2. Long seder shirt, $19 at Amazon (comes in five colors)

seder shirt

But don’t worry, your baby can be festive too, with these adorable onesies:

3. Keep calm, it’s Passover, $10 at Amazon

passover onesie

4. Afikomen huntress, $18 at Etsy

Need some more Passover help? Check out How to Survive The Seder With Kids, How to Plan a Seder, and our delicious Matzah Ball recipe.

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