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You Need This Vagina Kippah in Your Life Right Now

That’s right, you can now be the proud owner or recipient of a vagina kippah. This Israeli Etsy seller wants to celebrate all of the women in your life in a way they never have been before.

All of the kippot are customized to fit anatomy, size, and aesthetic preferences with natural materials, such as cotton and wool. As BeanSproutLadyJew writes on the Etsy listing:

These unique and meticulously handmade kippahs (kippot / ki-pot) are the perfect gift for the ladies in your life. Ideal for Bat Mitzvahs, Lesbian Weddings, Lady Rabbis, Feminists of the chosen variety, Midwives, Doulas and Renewalists. Also great for any-gendered and any-affiliated folks who appreciate a cheeky traditional-non-traditional way to acknowledge and REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM. It’s kind of like a high-five and a wink at your creator.

 Is there a more noteworthy way to celebrate your newborn’s arrival into the world? We think Dr. Ruth would definitely approve of this choice of attire. In the description, the seller even states the kippah is, “not intended to be irreverent but rather to embrace the wholeness and transcendent power of life.” Right on.

If you weren’t excited (or freaked out) enough already, did we mention there’s an entire kippah set birth-themed? The set depicts the “increasing stages of opening in the active pushing phase of birth.” You still with me here?

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If birth teaches humanity anything, it does teach us to have a sense of humor, because it isn’t exactly the most elegant or glamorous way to come into the world. And why wouldn’t you want a visual representation to remember where you came from? Your mom is sure to love it, because now you’ll never forget.

If God’s glory is always over your head, think of it as the best inside joke between you and God ever.

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