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You Won’t Believe What This College Professor Did for This Single Mom

Being a single mom is tough. There’s no argument there. Being a single mom and a student is even harder, because it means “simple” things like taking exams and attending classes becomes a game of how well you can be in a million places at once. And becoming an expert scheduler.

So when single mom and University of Louisville student Monica Romero’s babysitter cancelled on her at the last minute, she was forced to bring her two kids with her to her final exam. She told Buzzfeed that she needed a “miracle” to finish her exam.

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Her miracle came from an unexpected place–or person rather–her professor. Of course, the moment was also caught on camera by classmate Victoria Henry, and posted to Facebook where it went viral. The photo shows the U.S. military history professor Dr. Daniel Krebs babysitting Romero’s daughter and son while she finished her exam. The photo’s caption details the moment:

“Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. As a friend of mine was preparing to take our final exam for military history, her babysitter canceled on her. I suggested she just bring them and have them play on their tablet in the hall rather than skipping the exam. After just a few minutes of the kids playing loudly, the professor went to the hall and simply started to play with them to keep them occupied while their mom took the final. Such a kind and caring act committed when the reaction could have been the complete opposite. My heart is warm tonight. Tis the season.”

When Romero’s 4-year-old son began to bang the door to get her attention, the 28-year-old mom thought her professor was going to kick her out of the exam, only to be told, “Don’t worry. Go take your test. I’ve got them,” according to ABC News.

Professor Krebs insists, however, that it wasn’t a big deal, stating:

“A person like Monica, she’s a non-commissioned officer going to school, she’s a mom of two kids. I mean that’s the kind of thing that’s really impressive. Me handling her kids for 40, 45 minutes, that’s not impressive.”

This kind act illustrates how the kindness of others goes a long way–and that all parents need a helping hand sometimes, because raising kids is also about being part of a supportive community.

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