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You’ll Love This 8-Year-Old’s Illustration Explaining Autism

Cadence is like many kids who draw pictures because they enjoy drawing, and because it’s also particularly cathartic when you’re upset about something. The 8-year-old from Australia is also on the autism spectrum, which is why she drew a picture asking the crucial question, “why label?

In her drawing, which her mother posted on Facebook, Cadence wrote:

“Why do people call Autism a label?… I don’t think that’s right. My label is Cadence. One of my ingredients is Autism.”

In order to prove her point, Cadence uses a can of tomatoes as a metaphor: a can of tomatoes isn’t just made up of tomatoes, it also has basil, oregano, and an acid regulator. Like the can, Cadence says she has many ingredients, such as “Autism, Organs, Bones, Blood, Clever cells, Caring cells.”

Her illustration isn’t the first time she’s explored the topic of autism. On her website, “I am Cadence,” Cadence’s mother shares drawings and stories written by the 8-year-old, including “Autism doesn’t make me special. It just makes me different”:

“I don’t like it when people say I’m special. Special is an adjective. It means better or greater. I’m not better than other people. I’m not more important than my friends. Autism doesn’t make me special. It just makes me different. I’m good at some things. I’m not good at other things, just like everyone else.”

Check out her post below:

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