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You’ll Love This Boy Who Grew His Hair So He Could Donate It to His Friend

Selfless acts of kindness are nothing to scoff at. When Tyler Boone decided to start growing his hair out two years ago, he did it with one thought in mind (and it was not fashion-related): to cut it and donate it to his friend who lost her hair.

According to ABC Action News WFTS, Boone’s friend Gabby Ruiz has alopecia, which is a disorder that causes her to lose her hair. As a way to help Ruiz get a wig, Boone decided to grow his own hair for two years, saying that he just wants “to make her happy.”

What’s even sweeter is that Ruiz herself was able to cut off 12 inches of Boone’s hair before 2016 was officially over. She will soon get her wig from Children With Hair Loss, an organization that provides wigs at no cost for kids who have lost their hair.

WFTS originally posted the story on its Facebook page at the end of December, where commenters supported Boone for his simple act of kindness–one commenter said Boone has a “beautiful heart.” And honestly, they’re totally right–he’s not looking to gain anything other than his friend being happy–and that’s something I wish more people did in life–both adults and children.

Of course, Ruiz thinks Boone is “a great person,” and called him “amazing.” So adorable and heartwarming. I hope everyone has a friend like Boone in their lives–someone who you truly can count on, because that’s what makes life special.

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