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You’ll Love Uniqlo & Target’s New Affordable Maternity Clothing Lines

When it comes to finding stylish maternity clothes that don’t cost a fortune, it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Of course, finding affordable clothes in general can feel overwhelming (especially when those clothes are either temporary or will be potentially be wrecked by a fun, happy, messy toddler).

This is why we’re excited that Uniqlo will be launching a new maternity line this month–the line is already on sale in Japan. The line will include pieces such as briefs, leggings, and jeans, all of which will be available in U.S. stores and

Earlier this summer, Target launched their new maternity line, a new in-house label called Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel. It’s an offshoot of the maternity brand Ingrid & Isabel–and the best part is the fact that the items are mostly under $25.

Designer Ingrid Carney told Racked that options for pregnant women are severely limited, especially when it comes to clothes that aren’t $400 per item: “She’s not shopping because she’s excited, she’s shopping because she has to. We want Mom to really not lose her sense of style. We want to make pieces that adapt to who she is — that she can relate to herself.”

Carney, who was inspired her own pregnancy, broken down how to shop for pieces for each stage of pregnancy in this infographic, via the Target website:


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