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Call Your Mother

Your Phone Needs a Day Off (Episode 33)


DING! Ah, yes, another text message! You’re smart, so you know how distracting phone notifications can be. But did you know that it takes a whopping 23 minutes to refocus your brain after it’s been distracted by a beeping phone?

We live in a time of constant accessibility and information. And while that may be a great thing when you need to know (immediately!) what the fourth song in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack is (Ed. note: It’s “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green), it’s also making us all more distractible, irritable, and less mindful.

Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain decided to put the brakes on her own depressing descent to the attention span of a goldfish. As the founder of the Webby Awards and the co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, Shlain is anything but a technophobe. And, yet, she’s had enough. 

In her recent book, 24/6: The Power Of Unplugging One Day A Week, Shlain writes about her decision to take 24 hours each week — from Friday night to Saturday evening — to get her mind in shape. How does she accomplish this task? By turning off all the screens in her home — both large and small — for  what she calls a “tech Shabbat.” And she makes a powerful case for why you should do it, too.

But that’s not all. Jordana calls her mother, Gram, and learns a surprising benefit to being “on paper” instead of being online.

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