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13 Rosh Hashanah Cards That Are Absolutely Beautiful

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Now that Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner (it begins at sunset on Sunday, October 2 and ends on the evening of Tuesday, October 4), it’s time to start thinking of the Jewish New Year…and what cards to send out to your loved ones to ring in the New Year, if that’s your thing. I searched for the most stylish, gorgeous, and streamlined cards everyone will love (even bubbe).

These are my favorites:

1. Set of 10 cards, $14

rosh hashanah cards

2. Instant, printable download, $5

rosh hashanah card

3. Star of David Shana Tova card, $5

shana tova

4. Apples and honey card, $4.50

rosh hashanah card

5. Set of 10 Victorian-inspired holiday cards, $30

rosh hashanah cards

6. 5777 card, $6

5777 card

7. Biblical card, $3 (and free shipping!)

rosh hashanah cards

8. Set of 4 pie cards, $10

shana tova

9. Shofar card, $6


10. Honey card, $4

shana tova

11. Funny holiday card, $4

rosh hashanah card

12. Modern Rosh Hashanah card, $3

rosh hashanah card

13. Set of 8 apples and honey card, $14

rosh hashanah card

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