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Jewish baby names

9 Jewish Baby Names You’ve Never Heard of But Are Going to Love

Aren’t you tired of the same old baby names being used on best of lists? If you’re the type of person who likes to be different and stand out a little–and wants your child to do the same–then this list is for you.

Here are some of my favorite Jewish baby names that aren’t as well known as Jacob and Rebecca:

1. Amatzya. Amatzya is a male Hebrew baby name that means “courage of God.” A beautiful name for a baby if you want to go the biblical route.

2. Anael. Anael is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “God has answered.” You can shorten it to Ana, too–which is fun and simple.

3. Zisse/Zissy. Zisse is a female Yiddish name meaning “sweet.” They say a name informs your personality–this is definitely not a bad trait to have.

4. Yudel. Yudel is a Yiddish name for boys meaning “praised.” Hopefully, choosing this name will be a good omen for your little one.

5. Yifat. Yifat is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “beauty.” Who doesn’t want to be named after beauty? Paging John Keats.

6. Kriendel/Kriendle. Kriendel is a Yiddish female name that means “crown.” Queen Diva, anyone?

7. Kfir. Kfir is a boys name that means “lion” in Hebrew. I personally love names that have animal meanings, and having a little lion is not only adorable, but can inspire your child to be brave and courageous.

8. Otniel. Otniel is a boys name in Hebrew that means “strength of God.” Otniel was also the first judge of Israel in the Book of Judges.

9. Emuna/Emunah. Emuna is a girls name in Hebrew meaning “faith” or “belief.”

Check out our baby name finder for more Jewish names. 

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