dude week

An Interview With My Husband

Who is this mystery man?

In honor of Kveller’s Dude Week, I sat down with my very private husband Mike to do a little Esquire-style interviewing. I started off each sentence (the bold part), and he finished them. Very exclusive! Enjoy!

1. Being Mayim Bialik’s husband is (a little bit like): juggling fire.

2. People think stay-at-home dads: can’t get a job.

3. I want my sons to be: whatever they want to be.

4. Elimination Communication helps: to (almost) never have to change a solid poop diaper.

5. My sons describe me as: squishy.

6. The family bed makes for: an occasional foot in the face.

8. Having two blond kids with blue eyes when I have dark brown hair and brown eyes is: a reminder of my dad and brother.

9. It’s important to protect our sons from the public eye because: they didn’t have a say in any of this.

10. If I could change one thing about being a dad: I wouldn’t, butterfly effect and all.

11. The sling we used most for our boys (Maya Wrap ring sling): was the only one that fit me well.

12. Waking up with a 6-year-old glued to my body: makes for a warmer morning.

14. People think Mayim calls all the shots in our life but: I’m not sure who those “people” are.

15. When our kids grow up I hope that: Phantom Menace will not be their favorite Star Wars movie.

16. I never knew before having kids that breastfeeding: was hard.

17. On weekends I wish I could: sleep in.

18. Mayim working has led to: a lot of travel and a couple nice watches.

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