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After much deliberation, you have finally decided what you want to be called by your kids. But just as you thought all your tough decisions were finished, you realize that your parents need help deciding what they want to be called. Here is a list of potential grandparent names that can help them decide.




Jewish Grandmother Names


Jewish Grandfather Names

Savta/Safta–Hebrew   Saba/Sabba–Hebrew
Bubbe/Bubby/Bubbie/Bube–Yiddish   Zayde/Zayda (many different spellings)–Yiddish
Nonna–Ladino   Nono–Ladino
Avuela–Ladino   Avuela–Ladino


Regional Grandmother Names


Regional Grandfather Names

Teta–Arabic   Seedo–Arabic
Oma–German   Opa–German
Anya–Hungarian   Tata–Hungarian
Nonna–Italian   Nonno–Italian
Babushka–Russian   Dedushka–Russian
Baba–Ukrainian   Gigi–Ukrainian
Babka–Belorussian   Dzied–Belorussian
Abuela–Spanish   Abuelo–Spanish


Grandmother Names That Sound Jewish (But Aren’t)


Grandfather Names That Sound Jewish (But Aren’t)

Nona   Adda
Onna   Babar
Mima   Odie
Uma   Oupa (Afrikaans)
Ouma (Afrikaans)   Papik (Armenian)
Bibi (Uzbek)   Aviah (Catalan)
Amma (Icelandic)   Aba (Guarani)
Nanni (Urdu)   Dadu (Bengali)



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