Music for Preschoolers

One of the greatest joys of the music-loving parent’s life comes in passing your musical taste on to a new generation. It’s impossible to forget the day when one’s child first learns to ask for a specific band. “Not this,” she will say, swatting away your beloved Bruce Springsteen album with a fresh new copy of the latest Wiggles album, “I want this.”

Okay–it’s a mixed blessing.

When children grow from toddlers to preschoolers, they start developing both comprehension skills and individualized taste. The songs they enjoy reflect this. Kids start paying attention to lyrics, and the music becomes more complex and less repetitive. In other words: Your kids will still ask to hear the same song over and over again–but at least now, the songs aren’t quite as mind-numbing. Sometimes–and, yes, this is a confession–I actually want to listen to these albums.

Here are some of the best.

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