There is no shame in being obsessed with celebrities. They are talented, beautiful (and maybe a little vain). And if you want to name your child after a Jewish celebrity, there are no shortage of choices. You might want to look at these names to start.


1)    Jon (Jon Stewart--The Daily Show)
2)    Mel (Mel Brooks--Actor/Director)
3)    Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld--Comedian)
4)    Sammy (Sammy Davis Jr.--Rat Pack)
5)    Seth (Seth Rogen--Actor/Comedian)


1)    Natalie (Natalie Portman--Actress)
2)    Scarlett (Scarlett Johannson--Actress)
3)    Mayim (Mayim Bialik--Actress)
4)    Lena (Lena Dunham--Singer/Dancer)
5)    Mila (Mila Kunis--Actress)

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